Friday, July 23, 2010

Preparing for August 1

Its that time of the month.
We are getting our craft on to send Keely some FUN on August 1.

Sneak Peek

Monday, July 12, 2010

We've got mail!

Ever since we read that Keely's letters had arrived, we have been running to the mailbox with excitement. And at last, today was the day! Avery could not wait to see what was sent to her from her friend half way around the world.

As you can see we were not going anywhere today, hence the bedhead and dress myself pictures. But thats us.

These are true moments. Moments of time that we {all four of us} are going to cherish for ever. I can not tell you enough how special this is and I would encourage anyone to reach out to someone to be a penpal.
This song is for Keely sung by Avery just moments after opening her package.
"Keely, Keely she is my best friend. She lives very far away. I am going to make her a book and put it in the mail. My penpal, my penpal, my penpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!" Then she turned her brother and said "Brudder, she lives in Australia."
I can not stop smiling.

Avery's Mommy from
Buggie and Jellybean

Thursday, July 8, 2010

first letter arrived!

The parcel arrived today from from Avery. I have personally got the biggest goosebumps. I have no idea how a simple envelope can bring so many emotions. Keely is at preschool today and it gets dark early in Australia now it is winter. I am going to have to do a sneaky and put it back in the mailbox tomorrow for her to collect. I love her excitement of finding what is hers.

I know this will make Keely's day. Thank you Amy and thank you little Avery for being Keely's penpal and new friend.

I hope you receive your letter very soon.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

new penpals

When I was in primary school I remember the day my best friend was leaving to live on the other side of the country. We had been best friends from the day she started at our primary school. Her father was in the army so they moved around a lot. I never really knew what a penpal was until the day I received my first letter from Stacey. I still have every single one of her letters she ever wrote to me.

I recently wrote a post on Little Pinwheel about Keely and her love of mail. She loves to receive even the junk mail that has children's toys or clothes in. She calls them her magazines. It broke my heart to hear her ask me every day if there was any mail for her. So I decided that I would pop a card in the mail for her from me. This was a beautiful moment, and one that I will continue to do for Keely.

Amy from Buggie and Jellybean saw my post and emailed me about bringing our girls together through letters, and anything crafty. {This was the best idea}! Amy suggested we set up a blog to share their new friendship; a blog that would eventually be theirs.

This is a story of two girls receiving friendship through letters, pictures and all things crafty. {I also believe this will be a blog about two mothers that will build a friendship through their daughters}!


Hayley {little pinwheel}

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It started as just a thought...

A thought of connecting two little girls across that live across the world from each other.
I have been following Hayley from Little Pinwheel since I started blogging over at Buggie & Jellybean.
With every post she made, I would think wow our little girls are so similar.

Hayley had mentioned Keely's love for getting mail. And Avery's favorite time of the day is running to the mailbox to see what may have come for her. This got me thinking.
What if our little girls became penpals?

On a complete whim I sent Hayley an email to get her thoughts on the idea. And to my delight she was just as excited by it as I was!

We started this blog to document their budding friendship and so the girls could see each other creating and receiving their goodies. Us Mommies both hold dreams of one day handing it off to them. Then maybe, just maybe, years from now these little girls will be all grown up and planning a summer trip to meet each other! Can you just imagine?!

Here is a few pictures of Avery "writing" and drawing her first mail for Keely.

Avery let me know what she wanted to write about and then I dotted it out for her to trace.

My little lefty.

My heart swells with pride at how lovingly she made her letters. She was so happy and used such concentration to make them.

Amy from Buggie & Jellybean