Thursday, July 1, 2010

It started as just a thought...

A thought of connecting two little girls across that live across the world from each other.
I have been following Hayley from Little Pinwheel since I started blogging over at Buggie & Jellybean.
With every post she made, I would think wow our little girls are so similar.

Hayley had mentioned Keely's love for getting mail. And Avery's favorite time of the day is running to the mailbox to see what may have come for her. This got me thinking.
What if our little girls became penpals?

On a complete whim I sent Hayley an email to get her thoughts on the idea. And to my delight she was just as excited by it as I was!

We started this blog to document their budding friendship and so the girls could see each other creating and receiving their goodies. Us Mommies both hold dreams of one day handing it off to them. Then maybe, just maybe, years from now these little girls will be all grown up and planning a summer trip to meet each other! Can you just imagine?!

Here is a few pictures of Avery "writing" and drawing her first mail for Keely.

Avery let me know what she wanted to write about and then I dotted it out for her to trace.

My little lefty.

My heart swells with pride at how lovingly she made her letters. She was so happy and used such concentration to make them.

Amy from Buggie & Jellybean

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  1. What a fun idea. I have a 5 almost 6 year old little girl. Would you be up for having another little girl join in your journey?? I blog at Just look me up and let me know.