Sunday, July 4, 2010

new penpals

When I was in primary school I remember the day my best friend was leaving to live on the other side of the country. We had been best friends from the day she started at our primary school. Her father was in the army so they moved around a lot. I never really knew what a penpal was until the day I received my first letter from Stacey. I still have every single one of her letters she ever wrote to me.

I recently wrote a post on Little Pinwheel about Keely and her love of mail. She loves to receive even the junk mail that has children's toys or clothes in. She calls them her magazines. It broke my heart to hear her ask me every day if there was any mail for her. So I decided that I would pop a card in the mail for her from me. This was a beautiful moment, and one that I will continue to do for Keely.

Amy from Buggie and Jellybean saw my post and emailed me about bringing our girls together through letters, and anything crafty. {This was the best idea}! Amy suggested we set up a blog to share their new friendship; a blog that would eventually be theirs.

This is a story of two girls receiving friendship through letters, pictures and all things crafty. {I also believe this will be a blog about two mothers that will build a friendship through their daughters}!


Hayley {little pinwheel}


  1. Avery loved seeing Keely making her mail. So much so she asked two more times to see her. She is so excited.

    I *heart* you, your kiddos and this idea!

  2. Just wanted to let you know this idea is very very sweet. Have been following your other 2 blogs over a couple of weeks now. You take amazing photos and you are such a brave and inspiring writer. Your little ones are very sweet and you must be so proud of them!!! love the art and craft that you do with Keely. Take care

  3. thank you sarah! I am so glad Amy even emailed about her "crazy" idea. Cause it was not crazy at all.... she is an amazing mum and I am sure our girls will have a beautiful friendship.

    I love writing, so it is nice to hear I am inspiring.


  4. What a great idea! You're girls are going to love to look back on this blog one day and read about the start of their friendship.