Monday, July 12, 2010

We've got mail!

Ever since we read that Keely's letters had arrived, we have been running to the mailbox with excitement. And at last, today was the day! Avery could not wait to see what was sent to her from her friend half way around the world.

As you can see we were not going anywhere today, hence the bedhead and dress myself pictures. But thats us.

These are true moments. Moments of time that we {all four of us} are going to cherish for ever. I can not tell you enough how special this is and I would encourage anyone to reach out to someone to be a penpal.
This song is for Keely sung by Avery just moments after opening her package.
"Keely, Keely she is my best friend. She lives very far away. I am going to make her a book and put it in the mail. My penpal, my penpal, my penpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!" Then she turned her brother and said "Brudder, she lives in Australia."
I can not stop smiling.

Avery's Mommy from
Buggie and Jellybean


  1. So sweet! Avery, you are such a cutie pie!!

  2. I am so happy and proud of my beautiful grand daughter

  3. tears... oh how beautiful! I am so glad it arrived all safely! I cannot wait to show keely's excitement of opening her first letter! xx

  4. Lexi has a toy that has play mail - and everytime we play she says its a card from AVERY - with a Penguin on it - ( guessing she remebers av's 2nd birthday ? So Sweet either way ! Congrats on your new penpal !